Sego Lily

by Brad Hart

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Utah native Brad Hart could perhaps be described as having two great loves: the untamed wilds of the Inter-mountain West, and the sonic expanses of the modern musical landscape. These passions meet in the songs of "Sego Lily", a truly home-grown album evoking the red rock cliffs of canyon country and the sagebrush ocean of the Great Basin. Distinctly western but hardly country, at times dream-like and surreal without relying on the typical conventions of psychedelia, the album listens like a journey from the arid desert floor to the forested peaks above.


released March 7, 2014

Written, played, and recorded by Brad Hart in the winter of 2011 and 2012.

Mastered by Bruce Kirby at Boho Digitalia.

Artwork and typography by Brad Hart.



all rights reserved


Brad Hart (& the Lopez Massacre) Salt Lake City, Utah

Brad Hart works as a carpenter by trade, and has played in various SLC bands including NoNoYesYes, Genre Zero, and Spectral Skies. Harkening to his songs’ roots, written and recorded at home over the winter, Brad assembled a backing band of friends from the neighborhood - the result is The Lopez Massacre - a subtle re-imagining of Brad’s self-recorded blend of Americana and desert psychedelia. ... more

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Track Name: How Do You Feel
How do you feel when you've stuffed you face?
What do you know about winning the rat race?
Would you dare speak to Jesus, if he ever showed his face?

That's what I wanna know

Where would you go if you could go to any place of your choosing?
How much have you used up, and how much are you using?
Would you fight for good and stand up for truth, even if it meant losing?

Who will you be?
Does someone pull your strings?
Who owns your soul?

I wanna know
Track Name: Sego Lily
Monkey flower
Baby doll
Seems like it's been so long since I seen you come back home

Sego lily
Baby doll
Maybe we should take a walk way up above the houses

People look like ants down there,
Come on let's go
let go
Sego lily
Track Name: Western Mountain Valley Girl
I've seen the coastlines and the space in between,
Trying to find someplace to be my own
I've seen the interstate Lord I've seen every single state,
In the lower forty-eight

I've seen the fields of wheat grass rollin' the wilderness stolen,
And the same old scene again
But in this freedom I've found every town looks like the last town,
I still got you under my skin.

So this time it's for real
I'm truckin down the hill
Down the canyon around the mountain into your town
I've dreamt this scene before
Drifitn thru the door
Of your house and home familiar streets to roam

I've seen the lakes that look like oceans,
Pressed forth with devotion
But I could not find a friend.
Seen the main streets of the heartland,
Decay of the urban
But what's old is new again

So this time it's for real
I'm truckin down the hill
Down the canyon around the mountain into your town
I've dreamt this scene before
Drifitn thru the door
Of your house and home familiar streets to roam

Am I dreaming once more as I step thru the door
Of that house that you own, baby I'm finally coming home
I ain't dreaming for sure, baby open up the door
Let me be with you once more
Track Name: Autumn Song
Track Name: Riverbend
Riverbend I'm floating till the end
You can watch me float on by
Heaven send me a friend to float along with
Make her a ten

And when your discourse gets too serious, of great importance, please
Make sure I'm not present.

Cuz riverbend is where I been
Shimmering ripples in the sunshine
It don't end it curves back and then curves back again on it's way
To the the coastline

When those deep stone canyons,
The occasional Manhattan
Block the sunlight just keep floating on

Track Name: The Homesteader
Black is night counting stars in the prairie sky
We could never count that high
Red is rose found in ponderosa grove
And high on the mountain we'll know what lies on the other side.

Oh love follow me to the west, we are free
Heaven above and hell beneath
The Homesteader somewhere between

Darkest day and we give thanks for every drop of rain,
That makes the desert bloom
Whitest snows and down the canyon flows what that everything,
Lusts for that precious dew

Oh love be my bride help me live an honest life
The good Lord will provide
The Homesteader abides

Heart of gold stay with me as we grow old
Forget those eastern skies of coal
Timberline, the freshest air one could ever find, and from stone & pine
We'll build ourselves a home

Oh love blessed are are
Heaven above hell beaneath
Our homestead somewhere between
Track Name: Sweriwonbe
In the badlands of Escalante, in the red sand
That's sweriwonbe
On a high pass in the Wasatch with the wildcats,
I wanna be that
Henry ridgeline Spanish gold mine under a skyline
Of bristlecone pine
Below a deep cliff in San Rafael Swell watch the cloud drift
Where they once dwelled

Ooooh the landscape's haunted
With the signs
Of people tryin'
To make it what they wanted
Ooooh the landscape's haunted
With the ghosts
Of those who chose
To live like they wanted

Millcreek canyon, quaking aspen from stony land,
Homestead abandoned
From the north side to the south side it goes from bone dry
To sub-alpine
Track Name: Who are We
Every song has been written by now,
Who are we to keep singing anyhow?

Every word, all the words are circling like crows
Who are we to think we know?

We just keep singing songs we think we wrote.

If you think everything has been done, well,
I'm one to do it all over again

Who are we to say when it ends?